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1:6 Scale R/C Hummer H3

Tired of all those tiny radio controlled helicopters and planes that have become so popular lately? Want to try out something bigger? Here’s your chance. [...]

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Metal Detector R/C Car

The London Science Museum has taken a new approach to the good ‘ol art of metal detecting by adding the technology to a radio controlled car. [...]

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A7 Tornado Jet R/C Plane

The radio controlled A7 Tornado plane features true ducted fan-jet technology, combining jet-like performance, smooth gentle landings and will silently reach speeds of up to 25mph. [...]

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R/C Retro Moped

I guess the Knight Rider and Dukes of Hazzard cars are retro radio controlled toys in their own way, but here’s the thing if you want the read deal. [...]

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R/C Pirate vs Ninja

Yesterday I said that the Vampire Bat definitely would have made it to the Top 13 Strangest R/C Toys list. Here’s another radio controlled toy that should deserve a top 5 position on an updated version of that list. [...]

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The Dukes of Hazzard R/C Car

We recently covered the Knight Rider R/C Car and now Firebox has released yet another radio controlled toy based on a car known from TV. [...]

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Robocopter – Indoor R/C Helicopter

Robocopter is an indoor R/C helicopter with a different approach. Here you’re controlling a spaceman with a helicopter jet pack strapped to his back. [...]

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Bladerunner 3 – Indoor R/C Helicopter

The popular radio controlled Bladerunner helicopter has now been updated with a new model. It comes with a 3 channel digital proportion control, making it “a breeze to fly in any direction you care to mention”. [...]

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World’s First Radio-Controlled Flying Bee

I guess the Top 13 Strangest R/C Toys list needs to be updated after having read these wonderful news about the WowWee’s Radio-Controlled Flying Bee. [...]

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