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TARDIS Photo Frame

Doctor Who TARDIS Photo Frame

Now you can put a picture of yourself or your favorite companion(s) in the Doctor Who TARDIS Photo Frame, keeping them frozen forever in one particular moment of time and space. Maybe you can’t be in the TARDIS but that doesn’t mean a picture of you has to suffer the same fate. This cool [...]

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Snow Dome Photo Frame

Snow Dome Photo Frames

Everybody loves snow globes. You shake them up and make the pretty scene snow. If you’ve ever wished that you could star in your very own snow globe, these Snow Dome Photo Frames will make your dream come true. Just add your own photos to create some personalized snow domes. You can give them as [...]

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iPad2 Photograph Frame

iPad 2 Photograph Frame

Need someplace to put your iPad 2 when you’re at home? How about slipping it into the iPad 2 Photograph Frame? It’s a docking station and charger that doubles as two photograph frames in one. Slide your iPad 2 into the 2″-thick, espresso-finished, dark cherry frame for charging or to synch with [...]

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Changeable Slide Lights

Slide Light

Remember those old View Masters that you probably had when you were still a kid? The one that looked like futuristic binoculars that allowed you to view images in slide wheels when you faced a source of light? Well, the Slide Light sort of works in a similar fashion, except it’s a whole lot bigger, [...]

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3D Photo Frame

3D Photo Frame

In case you haven’t heard, 3D is all the rage these days. There are pans that let you bake some awesomely creepy cakes care of the Wilton Dimensions Nonstick 3D Skull Pan and then there’s the Pentaminoes 3D Puzzle Cubes that offer a three-dimensional puzzle experience. Then there’s [...]

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Tao Digital Keychain mix

Tao Digital Keychain

Looking for that keychain for the hard to satisfy person.  This Tao Digital Keychain saves up to 100 photos so everyday can be different.  With the 1.5″ screen and 128×128 pixel resolution you can enjoy up to four hours of continual use.  Keep photos of all your friends and family so when [...]

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B-Somebody Photo Frame

Be Somebody Photo Frame

Sometimes we all just want to be someone else.  B-Somebody Photo Frames give you the opportunity to stick your favorite mugshot on one of their many novelty figures.  Maybe you feel like a superhero or a bodybuilder today? No, how about a super spy or maybe even  a pop star ready to do the moonwalk? [...]

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Comic Strip Photo Frame

Comic Strip Picture Frame

Convert a series of pictures into a comic strip, complete with voice bubbles, using the Comic Strip Photo Frame. We’ve posted about a lot of unique digital photo frames, but this is a traditional picture frame for regular pictures like the Polaroid Style Picture Frame, TV Picture Frame, and [...]

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Nutouch – Digital Photo Frame with Touchscreen

The beautiful Nutouch is a digital photo frame with a blue LED touch-sensor control panel right on the 7-inch large high resolution screen. [...]

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WiFi Photo Frame with Facebook Support

This 8-inch WiFi digital photo frame from eStarling has just been updated with a new cool feature. You can now link it to your Facebook account to view your and your friends uploaded pictures right on the digital frame. [...]

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Mickey Mouse USB Flash Drive

We have seen the Mickey Mouse inspired speaker and MP3 player. Now you can get a cool looking USB flash drive to go with those gorgeous gadgets. [...]

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Egg-Shaped USB Photo Frame with Digital Clock

This USB powered egg-shaped digital photo frame stores up to 100 photos and plays sideshow automatically or manually. It also features a clock. [...]

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iPod Nano Photo Frame

Put your iPod Nano 3G (Video) in this plastic hard case and set the player in slideshow mode. Voila! You now have a digital photo frame to spice up your desk, or to be worn around your neck. [...]

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Levitating Heart-in-Heart Photo Frame

You have seen them before, the floating photo frames. But never before in the shape of a heart. A question that comes to mind; why is it that we still haven’t seen any levitating digital photo frames? [...]

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Digital Photo Frame Fridge Magnet

Now you don’t have to choose which pictures to stick on the fridge anymore. Do it the 21st century style instead, using a digital photo frame fridge magnet. [...]

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USB Photo Keychain

This small digital photo frame features a 1.5 inch large TFT LCD screen with a 128 x 128 pixel resolution and a built-in 64MB memory (up to 180 photos). [...]

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Mini Digital Photo Frame

The Korea-based Narae Inter company has recently launched a new product called Mepi – a portable digital photo frame, small enough to fit on a keychain. [...]

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Levitating Photo Frame with Multicolor Lights

Here we have yet another example of those levitating products that we have seen in the shape of a baseball, a globe, a lamp, etc. [...]

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