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Nintendo Controller Trifold Ladies Wallet

Nintendo Controller Trifold Ladies’ Wallet

Nintendo, not diamonds, is a girl’s best friend. Ask any girl gamer. This Nintendo Controller Trifold Ladies’ Wallet is stylish and geeky. It is a sleek accessory. This wallet looks just like a classic NES controller and has a bunch of pockets and slots to hold all your money and cards. This [...]

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Game Controller Bracelet

Game Controller Bracelet

You’re a master gamer, able to kick butt on everything from the classic Missile Command to the latest MMORPG, and the Game Controller Bracelet is the stylish way to let everyone know how dedicated you are. Did you level-up in your first video game before you learned how to walk? Can you tell which [...]

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Classic Video Game Controller Ornament Set

Classic Video Game Controller Ornament Set

We gamers love our consoles and of course the various controllers that go with them. What better way to celebrate both your favorite controllers and Christmas, than with this awesome Classic Video Game Controller Ornament Set? You get a set of four ornaments that look like controllers from our favorite [...]

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Boss Monster 8 Bit Dungeon Building Card Game

Boss Monster: Dungeon-Building Card Game

After years of fighting boss battles, now you are the monster! Your job is to race to create the best dungeon for killing adventurers. It’s an awesome dungeon crawl in reverse. It’s all done in an amazing 8-bit style in the Boss Monster: Dungeon-Building Card Game. This game should be hours of [...]

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Retron 3 Game System

Retron 3 Video Game System

The old video games are great, but those old consoles in your closet take up space and maybe not all of them work anymore. All you need is the Retron 3 Video Game System. This all in one plays SNES, NES & Genesis games. Plus it is compatible with the original controllers, which is a [...]

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Night Watch Bros TShirt

Night Watch Bros. T-Shirt

How about a shirt that combines two of your favorite things? Super Mario Bros. and Game of Thrones. This Night Watch Bros. T-Shirt is pretty awesome. You might call it the Super Brotherhood of the Night Watch. Just imagine if Game Of Thrones was turned into an retro side-scrolling videogame. This is the [...]

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Super Doctor Who TShirt

Super Doctor Who T-Shirt

This Super Doctor Who T-Shirt is nothing short of amazing. It shows the Doctor as if he had his own retro NES game. If you are a fan of Doctor Who or old school Nintendo. Or both. You have to own this shirt. Just look at those old school graphics. The game is to be [...]

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Retro NES Pillow

Retro NES Cartridge Pillow Set Review

When I first saw these Retro NES Cartridge Pillows from ThinkGeek, I knew they were awesome. So when we got a chance to get a set for review, I was pretty excited. Pillows that look just like cartridges from one of my favorite retro consoles, sign me up! It would be cool enough if you [...]

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Retro Video Game Cartridge Pillow Set

Retro NES Cartridge Pillow Set

I don’t know about you, but I have a soft spot in my heart for old school video games. I love them. I would cuddle with them if I could. Well, now I can, thanks to this Retro NES Cartridge Pillow Set. These soft cartridges are perfect for fans of 80s gaming. You get 2 [...]

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Nintendo Controller Jacket

Every Geek loves classic Nintendo and retro 8-bit gaming. And GeekAlerts has shown you many cool NES controller related items (NES Track Jacket, NES Backpack and NES Bra) in the past, but this limited edition Nintendo Controller Jacket may be the best yet. Designed to last, this warm and comfortable [...]

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Nintendo Bowser Jacket

This awesome Nintendo Bowser Jacket will have you reminiscing about all those great battles against Nintendo’s Bowser. The high quality jacket is limited edition with only 1,000 being made and each jacket includes a limited edition label of authenticity sewn to the liner at the inside pocket. The Bowser [...]

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NES Coffee Table and Cartridge End Tables

If you miss all the fun of classic NES and 8-bit games, this NES Coffee Table and Cartridge End Table Set should put a smile on your face. The seven piece set will include one functional NES coffee table with NES console mounted inside, two NES game controller coasters, two NES cartridge styled end [...]

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8 Foot Zelda Inspired Map

8 Foot Vinyl Zelda Sticker/Poster Review

If you like classic video games and wall art, the 8 Foot-Long Zelda-Inspired Vinyl Poster Map is exactly what you need to scratch that fanboy itch. You might’ve seen our review for the older version of this poster; but I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to get my hands on the new vinyl [...]

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Classically Trained Retro Gamer

Classically Trained Retro Gamer T-Shirt

With new gaming systems like the Nintendo Wii U, and the expected arrival of the PS4 and new Xbox system, gaming just isn’t what it used to be. For some that’s a good thing, for others, not so much. If you grew up playing with Atari, the NES and classic Gameboy, then you’ll appreciate [...]

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NEStalgia Nintendo Hoodie

NEStalgia Hoodie

All over the world people know winter is coming. Stay warm and get ready with the NEStalgia Hoodie. Available in pullover or zipper styles, this hoodie features a graphic comprised of all our favorite NES devices. The classic NES system and 8-bit cartridge is still one of my personal favorites. Designed [...]

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Classic Game Controller Soaps

Gamer Soaps

Gamers who need to clean up their act will want to hit the shower with these neat Gamer Soaps. It’s perfect for that one time you get off the couch for a snack. Just take a quick detour to the shower and scrub with a bar of soap that looks like a controller. Then when [...]

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NES The Legend of Zelda 500GB Hard Drive

The Legend of Zelda NES Hard Drive

I don’t know if I should cry from sadness or laugh with excitement. The Legend of Zelda NES Hard Drive is probably the coolest external USB 3.0 hard drive you’ll ever get your hands on, but it comes at a great cost…it is made from a collectible gold edition Nintendo Zelda 8-bit [...]

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8 Foot Long Wall Mural of ZELDA for the NES Map

Review: Nintendo NES Zelda Wall Mural

I got a chance to see those awesome Nintendo NES Zelda Wall Murals from Packmania up close and personal when he sent us a few to review and let me just say that these are the geekiest and coolest posters that you can buy. Anywhere! These 8 foot murals are just simply stunning. They come [...]

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