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Mass Effect Mimobot Flash Drives

Mass Effect Flash Drives

Fans of Mass Effect will love these Mass Effect Flash Drives, no matter how they felt about the ending of the game. These 16 GB flash drives come in Shep & Liara versions and they even include digital extras like wallpaper, a trailer and codes. They are compatible [...]

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Adventure Time Mimobot Flash Drives

Adventure Time Mimobot Thumb Drives

Everyone loves Adventure Time! Cartoon Networks unique show starring the silly kid Finn and his best friend Jake, who happens to be a dog with the ability to stretch and grow…kind of like our imagination does with most things 😉 Well, if you’re a fan or [...]

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Star Wars Limited Edition Mimobot Bossk Flash Drive

Mimobot Bossk Star Wars Flash Drive

You might remember this guy from The Empire Strikes Back. Bossk hunts Wookiees, tracks Jedi, and just generally looks cool doing it. He is a lizard alien bounty hunter that you don’t want to mess with. Now you can hire him to store your data. The Mimobot Bossk [...]

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Transformers Flash Drives

Transformers Mimobot Flash Drives

Optimus Prime and Megatron are ready to take their 9 million year old battle from Cybertron to your home with the Transformers Mimobot Flash Drives. Armed with up to 64GB of memory, there is more than meets the eye with this Autobot and Decepticon. Each flash drive [...]

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Star Wars Han Solo in Carbonite Mimobot

Han Solo in Carbonite Mimobot

Most Star Wars fans will agree that Han Solo was one of their favorite characters and that Harrison Ford did an excellent job of creating a character that was supposed to be a tough-guy loner, but at the same time very likeable. I even have diehard friends that still [...]

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Hello Kitty USB Mimobot Flash Drive

Hello Kitty Nerd USB Mimobot Flash Drive

She’s sassy, cute, popular and sweet as pie, but when it comes to school she’s a straight-up nerd. The Hello Kitty Nerd USB Mimobot Flash Drive by Mimoco can store your utmost important projects and term papers this school year. [...]

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Mimobot Pirate USB Flash Drives

Ahoy there mateys! At GeekAlerts, we love holidays – even especially silly obscure holidays like International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Every September 19th we drop anchor and drink grog until the landlubbers start to complain. Arrrr! Naturally we enjoy pirate booty on [...]

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Star Wars Mimobots 4

Star Wars Mimobots

These Star Wars Mimobots are great.  They serve a purpose as a working USB flash drive, but they also allow for some collectible fun.  You’ve seen the Green Lantern and Batman Mimobots, but what sets the Star Wars Mimobots apart from the others (besides being [...]

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