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Microbes Attack Microbial Puzzle Game

Microbes Attack! Microbial Puzzle Game

This Microbes Attack! Microbial Puzzle Game lets you play the scientist while solving puzzles. You get to contain and store the microbes in their very own Petri dish. You solve the puzzles by fitting all the microbes back into the Petri dish. There are over 100 [...]

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Airborne Screaming Diseases

Airborne Microbes Screaming Diseases

Wanna torment your fellow hypochondriac? Launch a couple Airborne Microbes Screaming Diseases his/her way and watch the drama unfold. The icky microbes come in two of our favorite varieties; Common Cold (the round coronavirus that resembles a booger) and E. Coli (the [...]

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Giant Microbes Halloween Plush Set

Giant Microbes Halloween Set

Owning plush toys that are actually stuffed representations of microbes doesn’t sound very appealing. But once you actually get to see them, I’m pretty sure you’ll change your mind about the whole thing, because they’re going to be among the most [...]

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