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AOC 23-inch Flicker-Free 3D Monitor

AOC 23-inch LED Flicker-Free 3D Monitor

Are you looking for a slim LED HDTV for gaming, movies, and everyday work? AOC, the world’s largest manufacturer of LCD/LED monitors and HDTVs, just released the AOC 23-inch LED Flicker-Free 3D Monitor. Given the model number e2352Phz, this HD monitor will help bring [...]

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Critical Hit LED D20 Die

Critical Hit LED D20 Die

Geek gamers already have plenty of D20 die, but I bet yours doesn’t light up. The Critical Hit LED D20 Die does. Make every roll count and make it look good. This 20-sided die for D&D and other RPGs lights up red when you roll a critical hit of 20. This should [...]

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StripInavders Ethernet Enabled LED Strip

StripInvaders Ethernet Enabled LED Lights

Are you looking for some cool LED light strips for your home entertainment room, or maybe for that next big party? The StripInvaders are an Ethernet enabled LED strip that can be controlled from your smartphone or tablet. StripInvaders are 5m long with 160 individually [...]

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4iiii Innovations Sportiiiis, World’s1st Heads Up Display For Athletes

4iiii Innovations Sportiiiis, World’s 1st Heads Up Display For Athletes

For athletes looking to gain an edge on their competition and to take their training to new heights, the newly announced Sportiiiis is going to help. 4iiii Innovations just announced the release of Sportiiiis, the world’s first heads up display and audio feedback [...]

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Sceptre 3D HDTV with Blu-ray Player

Sceptre 3D HDTV with Integrated Blu-ray Player

Sceptre, manufacturers of world class HDTVs and monitors, unveiled their 2012 Lineup at CES in Las Vegas today. The impressive lineup includes the world’s first 3D HDTV with integrated Blu-ray player, several ultra-slim LED HDTVs, and multiple big screen HDTVs. The [...]

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LED Rainbow Candles With Remote Control

Rainbow LED Candles With Remote Control

The lighting can affect the ambiance of a place a lot. There’s a reason why restaurants are usually dimly-lit and why fast food places are usually brightly lit. A place for romance and a place where you can get your chow down quickly (and respectively), perhaps? [...]

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Sceptre 24 Inch LED HDTV Built In DVD Player

Sceptre 24 Inch LED HDTV with Ultra Thin DVD Player

Sceptre, based in California and manufacturers of affordable LED HDTVs, LCD HDTVs, and PC monitors, just announced the newest edition to their already stacked lineup of HDTVs. The E243BD-FHD “24” Series LED HDTV has plenty of features to go along with its [...]

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usb snowbot

USB Snowbot

Don’t let the holiday season pass you bye. This futuristic USB Snobot will keep you in the holiday mood long after the snow has come and gone. Available at ThinkGeek and Firebox, this USB powered snowman looks like he borrowed KITT’s LED laser eye and makes an eerie [...]

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LEGO LED Brick Light

LEGO Brick LED Light

If you need a bit of extra light on your counter when you’re building LEGOs, you need this LEGO Brick LED Light. It is actually easily mountable almost anywhere, such as under shelves or on a wall, because there is a separate mounting plate. Just put up the [...]

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True Utility LED TrueLite FlashStash Keychain

True Utility LED TrueLite FlashStash Review

Here at GeekAlerts we love gadgets that are well designed, functional, and are a good value. We’ve shown you plenty of them and we will continue to do so with the True Utility LED TrueLite FlashStash. We’ve shown you some cool True Utility products in the [...]

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Motherboard Xmas Tree

LED Motherboard Christmas Tree

Christmas trees and motherboards have some things in common. They’re both green and look better when studded with sparkly LED lights. If you’d rather deck the halls with boards and circuits, here’s a 7-inch LED Motherboard Christmas Tree [...]

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LED Kitchen Sink Faucet Sprayer Nozzle

LED Kitchen Sink Faucet Sprayer Nozzle

Wait a minute; is that cherry soda you’re washing your hands with? Why is your tap suddenly overflowing with a blue-colored energy drink? Other people might stare and watch in amazement as you flick on your LED Kitchen Sink Faucet Sprayer Nozzle to wash your [...]

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The World's Best Prelit Douglas Fir (LED)

The World’s Best Prelit Douglas Fir (LED)

Christmas is fast approaching and a certain jolly old elf will soon be making his annual trip around the world. Can you think of a better way to welcome St. Nick into your home than by letting him place all those presents under the World’s Best Prelit LED Douglas [...]

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G-Flare Super-Bright Aluminum LED Spark Plug Key Chain

G-Flare Super-Bright Aluminum LED Spark Plug Keychain

GeekAlerts has shown you a ton of cool keychains, but none are cooler or a better deal than this G-Flare Super-Bright Aluminum LED Spark Plug Keychain. On sale for 60% off, this keychain offers car enthusiasts something cool and practical. The spark plug design [...]

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Advanced LED light bulb_thumb

Samsung Advanced LED Light Bulbs

Samsung wants to be the light of your life forever and they recently released the energy-saving Samsung Advanced LED Light Bulbs for the U.S. to make sure they always have a bright spot in your heart. The heat-sink-looking skirt might make you think the light bulb did [...]

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Liquid Light Speakers

Dancing Water Computer Speakers

Do you wish you were standing in front of the glorious Bellagio fountains in Vegas right about now? Would you settle for a dancing water show right on top of your desk? Having a pair of these Dancing Water Computer Speakers won’t astound you like the Bellagio [...]

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Tokyoflash Japan Unique Watches Giveaway

Tokyoflash Holiday Sweepstakes

GeekAlerts has done several giveaways these last few months and together with TokyoFlash Japan, we thought it was time to do something special. The winner of this sweepstakes gets to choose a watch from any of the Tokyoflash collection for free. No need to pinch [...]

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LED 8-Bit Christmas Wreath

8-Bit LED Christmas Wreath

When it comes to geek Christmas decorations, it doesn’t get much better than this 8-Bit LED Christmas Wreath. It has a pixelated 8-bit design, it includes retro video game objects (like a controller, cherries, and a mushroom with a Santa hat), and it features [...]

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AOC Ultra-Slim Aire HD Pro Monitor

AOC Launches Ultra-Slim Aire Pro 23″ Monitor

With Black Friday and the rest of the holiday shopping specials about to get under way, AOC, the world’s largest manufacturer of LCD/LED Monitors and HDTVs, just announced the new AOC Ultra-Slim Aire Pro 23″ Monitor. This high definition monitor has an [...]

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Colour Changing LED Bulb

Color Changing LED Bulb

It’s not everything, but color actually helps give life and pizzazz to something that’s seemingly ordinary. For example, when turned off, the Color Changing LED Bulb will look just like any other light bulb out there, but flick it on and you’ll see [...]

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