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Foam Lightsabers

Foam LEDsabre Lightsaber

The Force will be with you when you wrap your hands around a Foam LEDsabre Lightsaber, but will you wield it for the forces of good or evil? There’s no wise Jedi around to teach you how to build your own lightsaber, so it’s a good thing the fine folks at Calimacil took care of [...]

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iPad Smart Cargo

Smart Cargo for iPad

Remember when you thought having an iPad would be easy to carry because of its sleek design, and then you realized you had to tote cables, earphones, stylus’, and other assorted odd and ends? The Smart Cargo for iPad makes traveling with your tech-gear as easy as it was originally supposed to be. [...]

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Keyport 2 Slide New Keychain

Keyport Slide 2.0: The Keychain Gets Reinvented Again

The Keyport was a pretty nifty idea to reduce the overall clutter and confusion that’s associated with most keychains. It combined them all in a discreet package. The new version was just released and it adds some new features. The Keyport Slide 2.0 incorporates a USB flash storage drive (up to 32 [...]

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Wally iPhone Wallet Case

Wally – The iPhone Wallet Case

Most of the time, people don’t need much when they are going about town or following their routines. A couple of cards, some cash, and most importantly, your smartphone, are the essentials. The Wally is a newly-designed iPhone wallet case that will allow you to carry around what you need. The Wally [...]

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myIDkey: Taking USB Security Seriously

USB flash drives can be notoriously unsecure, which is one of the reasons why it makes sense to have a properly encypted drive, so that some of your information remains hard to crack. The myIDkey USB drive will probably be the most secured USB on the market when it launches. The myIDkey has an OLED [...]

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StormFly – A Bootable Operating System in a Wristband

If you don’t like dragging your laptop around, because of the weight or just because it’s too big, then StormFly offers you a stylish alternative. StormFly is supposed to have a bootable OS built-into this wristband, so that users can have an entire OS without disturbing the settings of [...]

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AL13 Premium Ultra-Thin Aluminum iPhone Bumper Case

The AL13 Premium Ultra-Thin Aluminum AL13 Bumper Case for iPhones is supposed to protect your phone from getting scratched or damage from falls. It’s made out of lightweight aerospace-grade aluminum, which offers excellent protection. If you don’t want added bulk, then the AL13 Premium [...]

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