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Kanex Sydnee Charging Solution

Kanex Sydnee iOS Recharging Station

If CES 2012 in Las Vegas is any representation of what the year is going to be like, then gadget lovers are going to be ecstatic. Kanex, designer of innovative charging solutions and consumer electronics, just unveiled the Kanex Sydnee iOS Recharging Station. This sleek and modern designed charger [...]

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Kanex AirBlue Bluetooth Reciever Giveaway

Kanex: AirBlue Bluetooth Receiver Sweepstakes

A few weeks ago GeekAlerts introduced you to the Kanex AirBlue Wireless Music Receiver and now you will have the chance to win one during this AirBlue Receiver Giveaway. This little ingenious device lets you wirelessly control all your favorite playlists and media from an iPod/iPhone/iPad or MP3 player [...]

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Kanex Airblue

Kanex AirBlue Portable Bluetooth Music Receiver

If you are like most of us, all your music is probably stored on your iPhone, Apple device, or MP3 player. Having it on a portable device makes it easy to take with you when you travel so you can listen to music whenever and wherever you want. But what about those times when you [...]

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