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CH Products RS USB Desktop Joystick

If you are anything like me, you like to play games with an old fashioned joystick. This CH Products RS USB Desktop Joystick may be all that you ever need in a joystick. And joysticks are for more than just games. This three axes Hall effect joystick features 12 bit resolution, a USB interface, ergonomic [...]

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Power-Up Arcade Light Switch Plate

I have so many fond memories of the arcade. The artwork on all of those machines, the sounds, the lights. This Power-Up Arcade Light Switch Plate will put some arcade action into your home. It is simple and completely awesome. It basically just replaces your light switch with a joystick. It features [...]

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X-Gaming USB Joystick

I love video games. Today’s games are amazing, but there was something about the old days and using a joystick that I miss. Well, the X-Gaming USB Joystick should bring back some of that arcade experience. This thing measures 11 inches wide and is built with eight pounds of industrial-grade [...]

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Men's Joystick Tie

Men’s Joystick Tie

If you’re into gaming and in the market for some new ties, then check out the Men’s Joystick Tie. This tie in bright blue features a joystick controller at the very end, to add a bit of quirkiness and fun to your look. I know a couple of colleagues with totally eclectic ties that capture [...]

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Classic USB Joystick

Classic USB Joystick – Now in Stores

Remember that cool Classic USB Joystick Controller that we wrote about here at GeekAlerts a couple of years ago. Well, a very similar product is now available in [...]

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Classic USB Joystick Controller

After having read about the USB Retro Arcade Controller featured here at GeekAlerts last week, Curt emailed us a tips about this cool Atari 2600 USB [...]

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Arcade Games Kit

This colorful video game device plugs into your TV, no console needed, and lets you to bring back some good ol’ 80s arcade game [...]

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Pac-Man Joystick with Built-In Games

This yellow retro looking joystick lets you relive those good ol’ gaming days by the arcade machine without having to leave [...]

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Star Wars Joysticks: Darth Vader and Millennium Falcon

These two Star Wars-themed joysticks are loaded with games. You simply plug the control into your TV and you’re ready to start [...]

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