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The Walking Dead Zombie Silicone Mold

They say that there is always room for Jell-O so that must mean that there is always room for Zombie Jell-O heads. The Walking Dead Zombie Silicone Mold will make a gory and tasty zombie head. Watch your gelatin mold shake and jiggle, but don’t shoot it in the [...]

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Vodka Jelly Mold

Vodka Jello Mold

If you know someone who drinks to much Vodka, give them a bottle that they can eat rather than drink.  Like this Vodka Jello Mold. It’s not a party until someone brings the Jelly, uh, Jello. With this jelly mould, your Jello treats will always look like a [...]

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Heart Gelatin Mold

Heart Jello Mold

Looking for that perfect Valentines Day gift, but having no luck? Look no further. The Heart Jello Mold will express how you feel and then you can both eat it up. This heart-shaped mold will produce ananatomical heart made of Gelatin. It’s food safe and measures [...]

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Zombie Brain Jelly Mould

Zombie Brain Jello Mold

Are you looking to turn that boring Jello bowl into something more entertaining?  The Zombie Brain Jelly Mold is the perfect way to liven up the party.  Use the hard plastic mold to create your own freakish colored jelly brains.  With flavor combinations only limited [...]

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