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Griffin Powerjolt Micro iPad Charger

Griffin Powerjolt Micro for iPad

You’re out on the road, using your iPad for some really important stuff (playing Angry Birds) and the low battery lets you know playtime work time is almost over. Unfortunately, you left the Scosche goBAT II Portable iPhone/iPad Charger at home but you’re still able to laugh in the face of adversity [...]

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iPod Boombox Speakers

Boombox Speaker and Cushion

Sure the ghetto blaster revolution of the 80s was all about style and the boombox was the only true way to blast tunes to break dance to, but boomboxes were heavy and didn’t double as soft pillows. With the Boombox Speaker and Cushion of today, you can have the look and functionality of a [...]

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Speakal Cool iPig Portable Speaker Dock

Speakal Cool iPig Motion-Controlled Speaker Dock

Today Speakal announced that their new Apple-certified speaker dock, the Speakal Cool iPig Motion-Control Portable Speaker Dock, is available to buy at Amazon.com. We posted about the Cool iPig before, which is a follow-on to the original iPig, but now we have better pictures and more information. The [...]

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Audio Light Bulb

The light bulb is a marvelous invention. Who knew a little bit of glass and some wire could have such a profound effect on how we live? There are all kinds of light bulbs – bright ones, dim ones, colored ones, eco-friendly ones – but all they did until the Audio Light Bulb came along [...]

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IDAPT I2 Plus Universal Charger

IDAPT I2+ Universal Charger

IDAPT just announce the availability of their new IDAPT I2+ Universal Charger. This innovative recharging system allows users to charge up to 3 devices at the same time. It is compatible with over 4,000 different devices thanks to its unique interchangeable tips system. [...]

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iPhone Pinball Magic

iPhone Pinball Magic Desktop Pinball Machine

Turn your iPhone or iPod touch into a mini desktop pinball machine with iPhone Pinball Magic. Simply download the free Pinball Magic app from the iTunes App Store, slide your iPod touch or iPhone into the back of this miniature cabinet, and enjoy classic pinball action. [...]

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View Quest Retro Radio

View Quest Retro1 DAB Radio and iPod Dock

View Quest has announced that the View Quest Retro1 Radio is now available in the UK. This gorgeous radio has a retro look, luxurious construction, and modern features. It is a iPhone/iPod dock as well as a fully functional DAB/FM radio. [...]

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Mr. Pod USB Flash Drive

iPod-ish USB Flash Drive

Mr. Pod is the name of this USB 2.0 flash drive that features a design inspired by the older versions of Apples portable media player iPod. It’s available in black or white and it comes with a storage capacity of four gigabytes. [...]

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MP3 Car

USB Car Audio Player with Speaker

This colorful and playful desktop car model features a built-in speaker and the capability to play your favorite music from a wide range of audio sources. [...]

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Screen Enlarger for iPhone and iPod

Screen Enlarger for iPhone and iPod

This handy portable device allows you to quickly and easily get a 7-inch large LCD display and more powerful speakers for your Apple iPhone or iPod Touch. [...]

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iPhone Blood Pressure Monitor

World’s First iPhone Blood Pressure Monitor

The French start-up Withings has announced a new product that is described as being the world’s first iPhone connected blood pressure monitor with online monitoring and measurement storage. [...]

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iGrill – Cooking Thermometer for Apple Devices

The Bluetooth-enabled iGrill is described as the first ever grilling and cooking thermometer and app for for Apple’s iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad products. [...]

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RedEye Mini

Mini Universal Remote for iPhone, iPod and iPad

The RedEye Mini fits in your iPhone, iPod or iPad and will – in combination with the free iTunes app – turn your Apple device into a handy universal remote control. [...]

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MiLi HD Apple Dock

MiLi HD Docking Station for Apple Devices

MiLi Power has announced the release of the MiLi HD, a docking station that allows you to watch HD videos from your Apple device directly on your flat-screen or listen to your full music library through your high-quality home audio system. [...]

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Spider Travel Companion for Portable Gadgets

It might sound a bit odd having a spider as a travel companion, but the Spiderpodium is actually a great gadget accessory to bring along when you’re away from home. [...]

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