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Amiigo Fitness Bracelet for iPhone & Android

Activity and fitness bracelets are quite convenient to figure out how much you’ve done during the day and how your body is responding. The Amiigo Fitness Bracelet lets users create and record their activity, which will be automatically recognized in future [...]

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Techject UAV Robot Dragonfly

TechJect UAV Robot Dragonfly

If you like robotics and enjoy cutting-edge technology, you’re going to love the TechJect UAV Robot Dragonfly. These micro flyers began as a concept backed by a one million dollar grant from the US Air Force and spiraled into a fully customizable UVA for personal use [...]

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ReadyCase iPhone case

ReadyCase – A Multi-Function iPhone Case

Trying to keep pace with something as cool as the iPhone 5 isn’t easy, but it looks like the designers of this ReadyCase – A Multi-Function iPhone Case are giving it a great effort. This unique case is an Indiegogo project (similar to Kickstarter) and has [...]

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