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Doctor Who Hologram Chamber

This Doctor Who Hologram Chamber is a pretty neat toy. Perfect for serious Doctor Who fans. Is it magic? Or is it science? Maybe it’s the power of the TARDIS. The hologram chamber, or mirascope, has a mirrored chamber that creates a floating 3D image of anything placed inside it. Anyone who sees it [...]

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XL Magic Hologram Projector

Deluxe 3D Mirascope

Forget about smoke and mirrors to create illusions because all you need are the mirrors with the Deluxe 3D Mirascope. Put the power of reflections to use with this simple, but incredibly cool, projector that creates 3D holograms of any object placed within the base. It’s only plastic, mirrors, and [...]

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holoCube – Desktop 3D Hologram

holoCube is a 20-inch cube equipped with a 40GB hard drive for video storage. The stored footage can be displayed in a 1080i resolution inside [...]

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