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DC Comics Remote-Control Flying Figures - Batman

DC Comics Remote-Control Flying Figures

Superman, Batman, and the Joker are up for some high-flying fun with the DC Comics Remote-Control Flying Figures. Officially licensed by DC Comics, these 7.5-inch RC figures feature feature twin rotors for stability and control, and an easy-to-operate infrared remote control. Although it’s probably [...]

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Sky Eye RC Military Helicopter Shoots Video Photos

Swann Video Camera & iDevice Controlled Helicopters

GeekAlerts has shown you some pretty cool RC Helicopters in the past and the new Swann Video Camera & iDevice Controlled Helicopters are sure to impress. You can choose from one of the iSO iDevice Controlled Helicopters, or go with a Sky Eye model like the RC Military Chopper pictured above. The Sky [...]

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Camo Helicopter Audio Player

Camo Helicopter Audio Player & FM Radio

If you are looking for an audio player that is more than slightly unique, the Camo Helicopter Audio Player & FM Radio is for you. It’s a music player disguised as a helicopter that plays T-Flash, micro SD(HC) and USB memory drive songs. It also has a FM digital frequency radio and an LED clock [...]

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Always Innovating Tiny MeCam Quadrocopter

The MeCam Quadrocopter from Always Innovating is a nanocopter, and it will follow your around, filming everything that you do thanks to its onboard webcam. It can launch from the palm of your hand, and hovers away, almost instantly. The MeCam Quadrocopter has a webcam that can shoot stills and stream [...]

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Micro Flight Airplane Carbon Butterfly

If you’ve ever wanted to play with an RC helicopter in your house, then this might be the one for you. The Micro Flight Airplane Carbon Butterfly is tiny and weighs a mere 3.6 grams, but it’s ready to fly almost anywhere. The Carbon Butterfly comes in an aluminum briefcase and has a 7.5-inch [...]

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Kyosho Space Ball RC Helicopter

Kyosho Space Ball R/C Helicopter

There’s nothing quite like turning over the controls of the RC helicopter to the youngling for the first time, but you can lower your stress levels by letting the Kyosho Space Ball R/C Helicopter be your little one’s first adventure with the world of remote control aerodynamics. It might not [...]

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Metal Solar Helicopter

Metal Solar Helicopter

For those of you looking for a cool new desk toy, this Metal Solar Helicopter will do the trick. This solid silver-colored metal helicopter has a solar panel blade, so as the sun shines on the solar panel, the blade spins. Pretty neat. This quality made piece is made in Germany and the solar cells [...]

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IR Cyber Flyer

The idea of flying a remote control helicopter is exciting. The idea of crashing it into the ground and turning it into toothpicks isn’t. The IR Cyber Flyer provides a user-friendly flying experience to help you slip into pilot mode by giving you the chance to get some RC flight time in, without [...]

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Wi-Fli Wi-Fi Helicopter

Wi-Fli R/C Helicopter

If you would’ve told me ten years ago that my cell phone could act as a remote control for flight toys, I would’ve called you crazy. If you’d bring the subject up today, I’d tell you that there’s an app for that. Introducing the Wi-Fli R/C Helicopter. Remember the Griffin [...]

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Griffin Helo TC Assault Helicopter

Griffin Helo TC Assault Helicopter

You’ve seen these cool Helo Helicopters before and the new Griffin Helo TC Assault Helicopter won’t disappoint. With its app firing missiles and bright LED lights, you’ll be ready for some serious indoor flying from this twin-rotor assault helicopter. Plug the flight deck into the jack [...]

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Griffin AddsNew Features to Toys

Griffin Adds New Features to Popular AppPowered Toys

Griffin Technology, the people that brought us the Griffin Helo TC and creators of innovations for everyday life, is unveiling New Features to Popular AppPowered Toys at this year’s CES show in Las Vegas. These additions will look to further enhance the experiences users have with their already [...]

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Swann Video Camera Helicopters and iDevice Controlled Helicopters

Swann Video Camera and iDevice Controlled Helicopters

Swann, a global leader in security monitoring solutions, I.T. peripherals, and electronic gadgets, just announced three new editions to their remote controlled helicopter lineup. The Sky Eye, Black Swann, and i-Fly Micro Lightning remote controlled gyro helicopters all feature custom designs and up to 8 [...]

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Helo TC Helicopter

Griffin Helo TC Review

A while back we introduced the HELO TC, a RC helicopter from Griffin Technology that you actually control with your iPhone, iPod, or iPad. Even better, GeekAlerts currently (enter by Dec 12, 2011) has a Free Helo TC Giveaway that is easy to enter. Make sure you do that, because it takes just a few [...]

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HELO TC iPhone Controlled Helipcopter Sweepstakes

Griffin HELO TC iPhone Controlled R/C Helicopter Giveaway

Last week GeekAlerts introduced a great way for people of all ages to have a little fun. Whether you are at the office and looking to kill some time or you’re at home searching for entertainment, the Griffin HELO-TC RC Helicopter for iPhone will provide you with the fun you are looking for. Simply [...]

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HELO TC - RC Helicopter for iPhone

Griffin HELO TC – RC Helicopter for iPhone

Just in time for the holidays, Griffin Technology releases its new Griffin HELO TC – RC Helicopter for iPhone. This mini RC helicopter comes complete with a precision twin-rotor remote-controlled helicopter and flight deck. Compatible with iOS devices (iPod Touch 3rd & 4th Gen, iPad & iPad [...]

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RC Spy Gyro Video Recording Helicopter

R/C Spy Gyro Video Recording Helicopter

This remote controlled R/C Spy Gyro Video Recording Helicopter offers fun in so many ways.  First off, flying the R/C helicopter is just plain fun, but it doesn’t end there.  This helicopter has working LED landing lights which look awesome at night and it has its own video recording camera.  You [...]

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Silverlit RC Helicopters That Shoot

Silverlit Remote Control Heli Blaster

If you liked the Double Horse 9100 RC Helicopter, but wished it could shoot, you’ll want to check out the Silverlit Remote Control Heli Blaster. This RC chopper carries a battery of 6 missiles that you can fire off from the IR controller. It even comes with a set of targets you can use to [...]

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Double Horse 9100 RC Helicopter

Double Horse 9100 RC Helicopter Hands On Review

The friendly team at XenonProject.com, an online R/C store, sent us a Double Horse 9100 RC Helicopter to review. We took it to our labs in the heart of the Geekaplex to run a full battery of tests. (i.e. We spent a few days playing with it, and fighting over whose turn it was at [...]

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Parrot AR Drone Hull

Parrot AR Drone

The #1 problem with remote control toys is keeping up with the pesky remote. The Vectron Wave Indoor RC Craft provided our first opportunity to cut that RC umbilical cord but it’s strictly for indoor fun. The Parrot AR Drone lets you take the fun outdoors, and all you need is your iPhone to turn [...]

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Swann Micro Lightning RC Helicopter

Swann Remote Control Helicopters

Swann is an electronics company known for surveillance camera systems including CCTV cameras and DVRs. Today they announced a completely new product line, Swann Remote Control Helicopters. They are kicking off this new product line with 8 different choppers with names like Micro Lightning (pictured [...]

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