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The Time Travelers Handbook

The Time Traveler’s Handbook

Are you a time traveler? If so, you need this book. Please don’t make it so that I was never born. That’s all I ask. The Time Traveler’s Handbook will keep you on the right course. This book is a must-have if you’re going time traveling. It is a guide to all the offerings from [...]

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Minecraft Redstone Handbook

Minecraft: Redstone Handbook

Fans of Minecraft will want to read this Minecraft: Redstone Handbook and delve deeper into the game. This book is perfect for kids looking to get into all of the complexities of Minecraft For instance, you can learn how to design circuits and use repeaters. You will also get exclusive tips from Notch [...]

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Minecraft Essential Handbook

Minecraft: Essential Handbook

This Minecraft: Essential Handbook is a great read for kids who enjoy the game. It is for kids in the age range of 8 – 12 years / Grade Level: 3 – 7. It even includes tips from Notch himself to up your game. If you know a young Minecraft addict, this book would be [...]

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The Batman Handbook The Ultimate Training Manual

The Batman Handbook: The Ultimate Training Manual

It isn’t easy being Batman, but if you really do want to step into the Caped Crusaders shoes, The Batman Handbook: The Ultimate Training Manual will act as a training manual to get you started. It won’t be long before you are fighting crime in Gotham with a young sidekick at your side. This is [...]

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The Dalek Handbook

Doctor Who fans who are looking for a good read will want to sit down with The Dalek Handbook. Inside you will find an in-depth look into the Daleks, the Doctor’s most fearsome foe. It is filled with pictures and info from six decades of Doctor Who. When you are done, you will know everything [...]

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