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I Survived The Russian Meteor

I Survived The Russian Meteor T-Shirt

Meteors can hit the Earth at any time and there is very little that we can do about it. It’s scary stuff so you might as well lighten up about it. This I Survived The Russian Meteor T-Shirt will help. It reads “I survived the Russian meteor. In Russia, space explores you!” This shirt is [...]

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Smash Mute TV Mute Button

It never fails. You’re kicking back, enjoying the latest new show on TV, when an eardrum-shredding commercial suddenly comes on and slaps you out of your blissful happy place. The Smash Mute TV Mute Button lets you banish the irritating sound from your sanctuary of relaxation and entertainment. If a [...]

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It's P.E. Not the Olympics T-Shirt

Calm Down Bro It’s P.E. Not the Olympics T-Shirt

Sometimes it’s important to step back, take a deep breath, and put things in perspective. The Calm Down Bro It’s P.E. Not the Olympics T-Shirt helps you spread the word when certain Type A personalities around you forget where they are. We’ve all been there. After hours of sitting in a [...]

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Chewbacca Chillin Dog Style T-Shirt

Star Wars fans know how cool Chewbacca is, but we never really got to see him let loose…until now! This Chewbacca Chillin Dog Style T-Shirt shows us how the big Wookiee likes to relax when Han isn’t barking orders at him. Designed by Matt Haley and one of the many cool products at RedBubble, [...]

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Presidential Monsters Action Figures

I think most people talk about putting a monster in the White House after every election but those words have never been more true than when talking about the Presidential Monsters Action Figures, a twisted collection that blends seven historic figures with the iconic Universal monsters of old-school [...]

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Pigeon Mask

You’ve got a party with a Unicorn, a Pig, a Squirrel and a Turkey, so it only makes sense to invite the Pigeon Mask guy over. Weekends will never be the same when you and your “friends” don the Pigeon Mask and other aforementioned masks. We all know the Pigeon is dirty and leaves a [...]

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Hideous Beast T-Shirt

If you’re looking to add to your t-shirt collection, the Hideous Beast T-Shirt is a must have. It puts a funny twist on man’s stupidity or a certain woman’s ugliness…I guess it depends on your gender to decide who’s at fault here. Like all the other Funny T-shirts at the [...]

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Cat Bow Tie Collar Light

If you’ve read the books (I Could Pee on This and Is Your Cat Plotting to Kill You) then you know what your cat is really up to. Sure they seem all innocent and cuddly, but before you know it, they’re sleeping on your head and tripping you as you walk. The Cat Bow Tie [...]

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K is for Knifeball Book

K is for Knifeball: An Alphabet of Terrible Advice

Everyone knows those books that teach kids the alphabet by associating each letter with a word and picture. K is for Knifeball: An Alphabet of Terrible Advice is like those, but it is filled with bad ideas and dangerous advice. For example, “U is for undies. They cover your stuff. Wash them or [...]

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Funny T-Shirt Giveaway

Funny T-Shirt Giveaway

For Funny T-Shirts with a geeky vibe, you turn to Neatoshop.com. For funny t-shirts for free, you turn to GeekAlerts.com and our Funny T-Shirt Giveaway. If you win this contest, you’ll have an $80 budget to select up to 8 t-shirts of the size, style, and color of your choice. There are hundreds of [...]

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5 Very Good Reasons to Punch a Dolphin in the Mouth

If you loved the books I Could Pee on This: And Other Poems by Cats and How to Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill You, then you going to appreciate 5 Very Good Reasons to Punch a Dolphin in the Mouth (And Other Useful Guides.) This hysterical collection of 60 comic illustrations from [...]

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Away Team Kit

Star Trek Away Team Kit

If you are a Captain planning your first away team mission, don’t sweat it. This Star Trek Away Team Kit has everything you need for the mission. You get a copy of the trade paperback Redshirts autographed by author John Scalzi, a Red Shirts card game, a Star Trek Acrylic Travel Cup, a red Star [...]

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Evolution of Gamers T-Shirt

If you’re a gamer or you know someone that is, the Evolution of Gamers T-Shirt could be the perfect gift. Taking a note from Darwin, Mike Jacobsen designed this funny t-shirt showing how gamers started out as apes and ended up as basically apes with video games…ladies if you need a gift for [...]

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Reindeer Games T-Shirt

Like all the Funny T-Shirts at the NeatoShop, this Reindeer Games T-Shirt will put a smile on your face no matter how bad your day is going. Designer Donovan Santiago puts his unique twist on this Christmas classic by showing poor Rudolph being left out of the video gaming fun by his fellow reindeer. This [...]

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I Survived The Mayan Apocalypse

I Survived The Mayan Apocalypse T-Shirt

Just like every other time someone predicted the end of the world, the “Mayan Apocalypse” passed without incident. Yet you can still be proud that you lived through December 21, 2012, and show it off with one of these I Survived The Mayan Apocalypse T-Shirts. After all, some may consider you a [...]

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