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Doodle Salt and Pepper Shakers

Doodle Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

If only we could write short messages on our salt and pepper shakers. Well, now you can with this Doodle Salt and Pepper Shaker Set. This is a salt and pepper shaker set for those with a lot to say. Just write salt and pepper on them, or any message you like. Even make [...]

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Doodle Speakers

DIY Doodle Speaker

Similar to the Doodle Watch, you can create your very own designs with Doodle. The difference here is that you design your own speaker instead of a watch and you do it using an online editor, where you can upload and customize your artwork, image or design. The result [...]

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Doodle Watch

DIY Doodle Watch

This new wristwatch allows you to get creative and produce your very own design for it. [...]

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