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iNuke BOOM Junior Docking Station

You probably remember the iNuke and its 10,000 watts of power and 700 pound weight. Well Behringer realized that the iNuke was probably more than most of us could handle and came up with an equally impressive solution, the iNuke BOOM Junior Docking Station. The iNuke [...]

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Scuba Series 318 Underwater Digital Camera Video Mask

Scuba Series 318 Underwater Digital Camera/Video Mask

From the same company that brought us the Summit HD Video Camera Goggles comes the 5 MP Underwater Digital Camera/Video Mask for snorkeling and scuba diving enthusiasts; a must-have for the next time you explore the reef. Scuba Series 318 Underwater Digital [...]

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MyTrak Smart Coach

MyTrak Smart Coach-Sport Edition

It’s no secret that geeks tend to have a better relationship with their electronics than with people. Kinda sad, but true. Instead of hiring a personal trainer to get us in shape, the MyTrak Sport Coach-Sport Edition might be an intriguing option. MyTrak Smart [...]

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