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Omnio Wow-Keys

Omnio Wow-Keys – A Keyboard for Your iPhone

I don’t know about you but my big sausage fingers aren’t very iPhone friendly when it comes to texting, but the Omnio Wow-Keys let me enjoy texting on my phone while letting me hang with my old familiar buddy, the desktop-style keyboard. Forget about those [...]

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Das Keyboard Professional Mechanical Keyboard

Das Keyboard Model S Professional Mechanical Keyboard

If you’re a writer, coder, or anyone else that is typing on a computer every day, you need a quality keyboard. When only the best will do, you get the Das Keyboard Model S Professional Mechanical Keyboard. This isn’t about superficial enhancements, like the [...]

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Rapoo E9080 Wireless Keyboard

Rapoo E9080 Wireless Ultra-Slim Keyboard with Touchpad

Are you looking for a wireless keyboard cool enough to partner up with your high-tech computer system? If so, the Rapoo E9080 Wireless Ultra-Slim Keyboard with Touchpad has some great features and might be just what you need to finish off that “ultimate” system. [...]

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Gboard USB Keypad wiht 19 Gmail Shortcuts

Gboard Gmail Keypad

Remember when Google was nothing more than a start-up company with Larry Page and Sergey Brin setting up a workspace in Susan Wojcicki‘s garage at 232 Santa Margarita, Menlo Park.  Now Google has its hands in everything and we can’t imagine life without them.  [...]

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Old Glory USA Flag Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Old Glory USA Flag Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

While the 4th of July is a great time to show your patriotism, you can show it every day of the year with the Old Glory USA Flag Wireless Keyboard and Mouse. The American flag design on this wireless USB mouse and wireless USB keyboard is not a decal or sticker. It is [...]

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Full Bamboo USB Keyboard and Mouse

USB Full Bamboo Keyboard with Mouse

You’ve seen the high tech keyboard (Logitech K750 Wireless Solar Keyboard) and the novelty keyboard (Star Trek “Crew” Keyboard), now take a look at the USB Full Bamboo Keyboard and Mouse.  Wood is cool; bamboo even better.  A bamboo keyboard & [...]

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Star Trek Crew Keyboard/Mouse

Star Trek “Crew” Keyboard Mouse Set

Fans of Star Trek The Original Series will want to get their hands on the “Crew” Keyboard Mouse Set. The keyboard is emblazoned with Star Trek Enterprise graphics, and is available in USB wired and USB wireless configurations. The wireless mouse features a [...]

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Logitech K750 Solar Keyboard

Logitech K750 Solar Wireless Keyboard

With the Logitech K750 Solar Wireless Keyboard, there is no need for batteries, power bricks, or other clutter on your desk. This sleek computer keyboard is powered by solar power, recharging the internal batteries with sunlight or room lights. However, computing in the [...]

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