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Zombie Bird Feeder

Zombies might be gory dead guys that eat human brains but they love birds, and that’s a heckuva redeeming quality. The Zombie Bird Feeder is a great way to make sure our feathered friends get the food they need after the zombie apocalypse strikes, although [...]

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Umbra Bird Cafe Hanging Bird Feeder

Bird Cafe Feeder

Fish feel rather cosmopolitan and pristine when they live in the condo-like Umbra FishHotel Aquarium. Round glass fish bowls are so overrated, fish realtors are saying. Meanwhile, foodie birds have been talking about the Bird Cafe Feeder. Apparently it’s [...]

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bungee birdfeeder package

Bungee Birdfeeder

Are you a nature lover that wants to feed your local birds; or are you someone worthy of an Alfred Hitchcock movie, training your local birds to attack people on command.  Either way, the Bungee Birdfeeder will keep you and you local Aves very happy.  Don’t risk [...]

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