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Armadillo Salt and Pepper Shaker Holder

If you enjoyed the Armadillo Beverage Holder, you are going to want this Armadillo Salt and Pepper Shaker Holder to go along with it. This cute Armadillo is packing salt, pepper and some ammunition. He is also wearing a Cowboy hat. Who knew that Armadillos were so tough? I guess they have to be to [...]

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Armadillo Beverage Holder

There are all kinds of beverage holders to protect your drink, but don’t trust just any beverage holder. Let an Armadillo protect your beverage with this cute Armadillo Beverage Holder. I can’t think of another animal more suited to keep your drink safe. This beverage holder is cast in quality [...]

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Armadillo Purse

Here’s a purse that that is guaranteed to turn heads. This fun and weird handbag is made of a printed fabric that emulates a real armadillo’s armor. It features a a stuffed tail, legs, head with “appropriately too-cool-for-you expression” and a zipper. Material: 100% polyester. [...]

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