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Zombie Animated Backpack

This Zombie Animated Backpack is demented, but also kind of cute. It’s a fun zombie backpack for kids and it won’t scare them so much that they run away shrieking. It has fun ears and the Zombie even drips snot from his nose. Gross. Which is what kids love. The grosser the better. Your child [...]

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Even geeks sometimes like to unplug and step away from technology, and the Flipbookit provides an innovative form of entertainment that could bring back memories of a childhood pastime. If you ever enjoyed flipping through pages of drawings to animate characters as the pages flipped by, you’ll get a [...]

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Animated Gaseous Zombie Fog Halloween Prop

Animated Zombie Halloween Prop

Halloween is a time of ghouls, ghosts and Zombies, so if you want to decorate for this spooky holiday, you better have some of each. The Zombies are covered with this Animated Zombie Halloween Prop. It will make it look like a Zombie is rising from your yard. (Editor’s Note: This is for indoor use [...]

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Steampunk Animated Gears Card Deck

Animated Gears Card Deck

Listen up card sharks. I know that you get bored playing with the same boring decks of cards over and over. This Animated Gears Card Deck should spice things up. These de-saturated cards feature gears and chains on the back and when you put them in new deck order, you can flip the cards and [...]

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Animated LEGO Proposal

Sure you could use the big-screen at the baseball park or maybe even do an advertisement on a freeway billboard, but that is just too mundane for today’s society. If you’re going to propose, you need do it right, and by right, I mean in a fashion worthy of a LEGO fan. Walt Thompson did [...]

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Matt Groening's Futurama TV Series Action Figures

Futurama Action Figures

Fans of Matt Groening’s animated comedy series Futurama appreciated the Futurama Mini Collectibles and Futurama Plush Figures; so GeekAlerts wanted to give you some more fun with the Futurama Action Figures.  These figures come in all your favorite characters: the dumb but lovable Fry, the looking [...]

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Projector Animations

Laser Projector with Pac-Man Animations

This new home projector uses green laser to project animated animated cartoons, like Pac-Man, a walking cat, a dancing girl, elephants and more, onto [...]

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Homer Simpson Clock

Homer Simpson Clock: Beer Vs. Donut

Good news for fans of animated gadgets inspired by the popular animated sitcom The Simpsons. Now you can add a new Homer clock to your collection of Simpsons [...]

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Animated LED Clock

Can’t get enough of those light-emitting-diodes? Maybe you want to take a closer look at this new wooden and ultra LEDish [...]

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Blue LED Dog Tag (Limited Edition)

Remember Tagz, the animated and customizable scrolling LED dog tag that we covered last summer? It’s now available in a limited edition with blue light-emitting diodes, instead of the original [...]

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Animated Golf Lamp

Desktop gadgets and golfing, it’s a never ending story. Last out was the USB Putt Returner and now have this [...]

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Animated Homer Simpson Phone

From KNG America, the company that brought us the Animated Spider-Man Phone, comes this similar product designed like the famous [...]

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Animated Disco Coaster

Instructables member ebenupton decided to cheer his Las Vegas-loving wife up by by making an animated, brightly lit drinks [...]

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Animated Spider-Man Phone

Here’s something that would make a great addition to the Superman and Batman Superhero Desktop Gadgets from [...]

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