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8-Bit Zelda Heat Change Mug

8-Bit Legendary Hero Heat-Change Mug

Don’t just be a hero. Be a legendary hero. It’s dangerous to go alone, so take this 8-Bit Legendary Hero Heat-Change Mug. It is inspired by the inventory of retro video games. When you pour hot liquid inside, the color-change hearts will fill up, giving you full life! 8-Bit Legendary Hero [...]

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Ghostbusters 8 Bit Shirt

Ghostbusters 8-Bit 30 Single T-Shirt

This Ghostbusters 8-Bit 30 Single T-Shirt will let you experience the Ghostbusters as if they were starring in an 8-bit video game. It is like having a retro game and a cool shirt in one package. This 100% cotton Ghostbusters 8-Bit 30 Single T-Shirt features Venkman, Stantz, and Spengler as well as Slimer [...]

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Pixel Elf Costume Kit

Pixel Elf Costume Kit

Look retro and awesome in this Pixel Elf Costume Kit, as well as two-dimensional. You can be an elf from Santa’s workshop….in a video game. This Pixelated Elf Costume Kit is tons of pixelated fun. It is a great kit for parties, conventions or for whenever you just feel like being a pixelated [...]

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Legend of Zombies

Legend of Zombies T-Shirt

Classic Nintendo and zombie fans will appreciate this Legend of Zombies T-Shirt. It seems that even our favorite 8-bit hero Link isn’t immune to the zombie treatment….But it’s not brains he’s after, it’s those hard to find hearts. Designed by Winter Artwork Illustrations, you [...]

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Zelda Styled 8 Bit Treasure Chest

Legendary 8-Bit Treasure Chest with LEDs and Sound

This Legendary 8-Bit Treasure Chest with LEDs and Sound will bring back fond memories of your favorite retro video games. It is perfect for storing your jewelry or any other little treasures you have. And when you open it, it lights up and plays treasure-finding fanfare. That’s pretty awesome. [...]

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Boss Monster 8 Bit Dungeon Building Card Game

Boss Monster: Dungeon-Building Card Game

After years of fighting boss battles, now you are the monster! Your job is to race to create the best dungeon for killing adventurers. It’s an awesome dungeon crawl in reverse. It’s all done in an amazing 8-bit style in the Boss Monster: Dungeon-Building Card Game. This game should be hours of [...]

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Doctor Who Timey Wimey Sweater Tee

Doctor Who Timey Wimey Sweater Shirt

When it gets cold enough to wear a sweater, choose a good one…But for now, this Doctor Who Timey Wimey Sweater Shirt beats wearing a normal sweater with snowmen and reindeer any day. It is made from 100% preshrunk cotton with a lay-flat collar and it is taped shoulder-to-shoulder for ultimate [...]

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Night Watch Bros TShirt

Night Watch Bros. T-Shirt

How about a shirt that combines two of your favorite things? Super Mario Bros. and Game of Thrones. This Night Watch Bros. T-Shirt is pretty awesome. You might call it the Super Brotherhood of the Night Watch. Just imagine if Game Of Thrones was turned into an retro side-scrolling videogame. This is the [...]

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Super Doctor Who TShirt

Super Doctor Who T-Shirt

This Super Doctor Who T-Shirt is nothing short of amazing. It shows the Doctor as if he had his own retro NES game. If you are a fan of Doctor Who or old school Nintendo. Or both. You have to own this shirt. Just look at those old school graphics. The game is to be [...]

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8Bit Zombtee

8-Bit Zombtee: Pixellate Your Zombies

With the current season of The Walking Dead airing on AMC, there are plenty of reasons for people to love zombies. The Zombtee combines 8-bit graphics with zombie carnage in a nice package, which will definitely get you noticed. The 8-bit Zombtee was designed by 8-bitty. It’s a t-shirt that will allow [...]

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Retro Video Game Cartridge Pillow Set

Retro NES Cartridge Pillow Set

I don’t know about you, but I have a soft spot in my heart for old school video games. I love them. I would cuddle with them if I could. Well, now I can, thanks to this Retro NES Cartridge Pillow Set. These soft cartridges are perfect for fans of 80s gaming. You get 2 [...]

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Nintendo Controller Jacket

Every Geek loves classic Nintendo and retro 8-bit gaming. And GeekAlerts has shown you many cool NES controller related items (NES Track Jacket, NES Backpack and NES Bra) in the past, but this limited edition Nintendo Controller Jacket may be the best yet. Designed to last, this warm and comfortable [...]

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NES Coffee Table and Cartridge End Tables

If you miss all the fun of classic NES and 8-bit games, this NES Coffee Table and Cartridge End Table Set should put a smile on your face. The seven piece set will include one functional NES coffee table with NES console mounted inside, two NES game controller coasters, two NES cartridge styled end [...]

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8-Bit Rose

Flowers, chocolates and real roses are short lived. Show your true love that you really care this Valentine’s Day with something that will last, the 8-Bit Rose. For fans of classic video game systems like the NES and Atari, nothing is sweater than 8-bit love. The 8-Bit Rose measures just under ten [...]

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8-Bit Christmas Stocking

8-Bit Christmas Stocking

It’s the little things that count and having the right Christmas Stocking can make all the difference. Santa has seen his share of video games and he’ll appreciate this 8-Bit Christmas Stocking and maybe he’ll stick a new Nintendo Wii U under your tree. The 8-bit Stocking is has all the [...]

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Pac-Man Plug 'n' Play

Pac-Man Plug ‘n’ Play Console

Are you looking to relive some 8-bit action? If so, the Pac-Man Plug ‘n’ Play Console might be just the fix you’re looking for. Packed with 12 original 8-bit games, this portable console is a fun way to enjoy those cold winter days while stuck indoors. The controller features a retro [...]

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8-Bit Nintendo Video Game Cartridge Blow Me Poster

8-Bit Video Game Cartridge Blow Me Poster

If you remember the 80s, then you probably remember giving blow jobs like they were going out of style…Easy now, I’m talking about blowing on all those 8-bit NES video games. That was one cruel joke Nintendo played on us. You’d run home from school hoping to get some serious Mario Bros, [...]

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8-Bit Pixelated Sunglasses

8-Bit Sunglasses

Plain sunglasses are played out. They are too round. Not pixelated enough. It’s time to rock some 8-Bit Sunglasses and look like a character from an old Nintendo game. You’ll look great while you protect your eyes from harmful sun rays and everyone that you see will look twice and then notice [...]

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