“T-WiFi” WiFi Detector T-Shirt

"T-WiFi" WiFi Detector T Shirt

Ever since I got my iPhone, I’ve been scouting locations at malls and public places where there could be a WiFi signal whenever I needed to check my mail or send off an important message on the fly. It’s not always easy to spot that “Free WiFi” decal on store windows (others don’t even have them, although their shop is a hotspot), which is why I think the “T-WiFi” WiFi Detector T-Shirt is a pretty good idea.

The design of the shirt is simple enough and straightforward. It’s meant to be more of a novelty, I know, but it’s surprisingly also pretty useful. The panel actually lights up once it detects a WiFi signal in the area, so you just need to glance down at your shirt to see if the area has a strong WiFi signal or not.

"T-WiFi" WiFi Detector T Shirt

“T-WiFi” WiFi Detector T-Shirt

The “T-Wifi” WiFi detector T Shirt features a transmission tower style design that flashes to display the current WiFi signal strength in the surrounding area. It looks a bit like a radioactive hazard or x-ray warning sign, but thankfully WiFi is a lot less harmful than those!
Perfect for anyone who prefers to get online whilst out and about and is the simplest and best way to find that perfect surfing spot in a WiFi enabled coffee shop or café – or just whenever the need to check email strikes!
The thin, flexible light-up panel on the front of this WiFi detector T Shirt has a battery powered WiFi sensor that tucks away in a pocket on the inside of the shirt. The sensor pack can be removed for hand-washing the shirt.

The “T-WiFi” WiFi Detector T-Shirt is available from Curiosite for $41.40.

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  1. wow, the t-shirt looks cool. It’s better than the LED T-shirt.

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