Swiss Business Tool – One More Wenger

Wenger Swiss Business Tool

We just had the Giant Swiss Army Knife entry and it’s already time for yet another product from the Delémont based Wenger company.

With the Swiss Business Tool ($100) they have removed the blade and moved into your office in the shape of a tool packed stapler.

The Business Tool features a flat-clinch stapler, hole punch, staple remover, staple holder, high performance scissors, optical gauge, nail file, nail cleaner and a implement lever mechanism to make it all work. This tool does not have the knife blade. The Business Tool comes with 2 packs of staples.

Available in the classic Swiss Army Knife red color and in black.

(ThisNext via OhGizmo via Prylfeber)

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9 Responses to “Swiss Business Tool – One More Wenger”

  1. Where can I get a supply of “Staples No. 10” for my Swiss Business Tool? Please email me directly with your answer. Tnx.

  2. Export Import Data Reply May 29, 2009 at 4:41 am

    Swiss Army Knife: All in one tool. Its really a good tool for daily use.

  3. I got the Swiss Business Tool as a gift from business relationship. I am now running out of staples. Where can I get a supply of “Staples No. 10″. Please email me directly with your answer. Thanks.

  4. Where can I get this business tool in Toronto ONt. Canada or anywhere in Canada?
    Where do I get extra staples?
    Rosalie Nepom

  5. Where can I get thte business tool and extra staples in CAnada?
    Does the tool also have scotch tape?
    Rosalie Nepom

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