Swiftpoint Mouse is Portable and Wireless

Swiftpoint Mouse

Small and wireless, the Swiftpoint Mouse can go wherever you go. If you’ve ever had the frustration of using a laptop touch pad or have been unable to use your mouse because of insufficient desk space, you’ll want the Swiftpoint mouse. It is 30-40% more efficient than using a touchpad, and quickly provides precise operation anywhere, even when space is limited.

Swiftpoint Mouse Technical Details

  • Wireless, rechargeable optical mouse that can be used on the laptop palmrest.
  • Natural, ergonomic pen-like grip with padded thumb and finger grips.
  • USB receiver for wireless operation, charging and docking the mouse.
  • Lasts 2-4 weeks between charges. RapidCharge provides 1 hours useage after 30 sec charge.
  • Small and easy to use (57mm length x 42mm width).

Doing double-duty, the Swiftpoint micro USB receiver provides wireless operation and charges the mouse. After a full charge, the Swiftpoint mouse’s battery lasts for 2-4 weeks. It docks magnetically, so it is easy to secure it directly to your laptop so you only have to carry one thing when you move.

The Swiftpoint Mouse is available for $69 at Amazon.com. It is also available for £49 at Amazon.co.uk.

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