Swarovski Pocket Binoculars

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Swarovski Crystal Pocket Binoculars

Swarovski, the Swiss Austrian company known for their precision-cut glass crystals, has now released a line of pocket binoculars decorated with shimmering crystals.

The design of the Crystal Pocket Binoculars creates an aesthetic alliance between innovative optics and stylish elegance and satisfies the highest ergonomic requirements at the same time. The eight times magnification and compact dimensions – (5.6 cm wide and exceptionally light at only 215 g ) – make the binoculars a versatile companion at the opera, at the races or out sightseeing.

An elegant leather case protects the high-quality optical system and increases the wear comfort. The shapely housing, studded with selected Swarovski crystals, turns the Crystal Pocket Binoculars into an exclusive eye catcher.

The “Idomeneo” model oozes a uniquely lustrous charm thanks to the application of sparkling gold-leaf; the design for “Tosca” captivates the eye with the shimmering, twinkling colours of the crystals used and the elegant “Nabucco” binoculars radiate a timeless beauty in dark colour tones.

The Swarovski Crystal Pocket Binoculars are priced at $950 USD each. All three models can be purchased from the Swarovski online shop.

(Via Born Rich)

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  1. Heh, Swarovski crystals is the new Hello Kitty. Pretty much anything will be available with it soon.. 🙂

  2. That is so true, Tobbe! 🙂

  3. correction: Swarovski isn’t swiss, it’s austrian…

  4. True, my mistake. Thanks for pointing it out! I have updated the post now.

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