Sushi Sticky Notes

sushi sticky notes

The Sushi Sticky Notes are a marvel for any of the geeks out there who consider themselves to be fans of Japanese products. Eating sushi is great, but our stomachs can’t bulge forever, eventually we have to stop indulging ourselves (or die.) So, for those times when your stomach is stuffed to the brim with sashimi and you can’t take another bite, use the Sushi Sticky Notes to cheer you up!

In the package you get fourteen different sets of sticky notes consisting of nine different designs.  (This comes out to be a total of 350 sticky notes.)  These are great for writing short memos, bookmarking your spot in a good read, or just highlighting something you don’t want to forget.  *Puts a Sushi Sticky Note on the small child*  Honey, this is so daddy will remember to pick you up after school, because the teacher gets mad when you have to stay after hours.

Sushi Sticky Notes

  • Set of 14 sticky notes shaped like sushi
  • Total of 350 stickies
  • Perfect for bookmarks
  • Size (approx): 1-1/2″ x 1-1/2″ (3.8 cm x 3.8 cm)

    You can buy the Sushi Sticky Notes from NeatoShop for $4.95, or you could check out the Sushi Stapler and the Sushi Scarf, both of which are great geeky products!

    Jack Kieffer owns Cool Gizmo Toys, a site that loves to write geeky how to’s and product reviews.

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