Superhero Polar Fleece Slippers

Superman and Batman Fleece Slippers

In the Northern Hemisphere it is starting to get quite cold outside, and even Superman can’t bear cold feet. The solution is Superhero Polar Fleece Slippers. They are soft, warm and plush, and come in four awesome styles: Superman, Batman, The Punisher, and Captain America.

Somewhat ironically, these warm and cozy clog-style slippers have a textured sole so you don’t slip. They will keep your toes warm though, in the Fortress of Solitude, the Batcave, or wherever you call your home.

Captain America and Punisher Fleece Slippers

Superhero Polar Fleece Slippers are available for $18.99 each in sizes 8/9, 10/11, or 12/13 from No slippers have been made yet that will make you look like a tough-guy, but if that’s your goal, these will do a whole lot better than the Angry Birds Slippers.

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  1. i want to find a pair of superman socks.i really need them.

  2. awww !!where to buy this ?

  3. I really want the above slippers.. both the superman and batman how do i get them in a medium size 7-8???

  4. I need the batman and superman slippers. Where and how do I get them.

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