Sun-Staches – The Original Mustache Sunglasses

Sun-Staches The Original Mustache Sunglasses

Fake mustaches can only do so much if you’re thinking about pulling off a disguise. So why not just go all the way and put on a pair of the Sun-Staches – The Original Mustache Sunglasses, which come complete with their own mustache?

They shield your eyes from the bright glare of the sun while making sure that your identity is slightly concealed with the hanging mustache. Sun-Staches actually come in an assortment of colors and styles, but if you’re trying to go low key, then basic black is the way to go.


The Sun-Staches – The Original Mustache Sunglasses are available in black in sets of three for $19.99, while the other mustaches retail for $9.99.

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6 Responses to “Sun-Staches – The Original Mustache Sunglasses”

  1. love the sun glasses but if you wear them in the sun and you get burned it will leave a stache im print

  2. Are these sunglasses are in France ? :/
    Sorry my english is not too good…

  3. where can I get a pair??

  4. I was out in Manchester last weekend and somebody had a pair – but they were in a large oversided aviator style- all i can find is wayfarer styles. Does anyone know where i can find the aviator style glasses/moustaches??

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