Cheeky Suitcase Stickers

Suitcase Stickers

Traveling can be such an annoyance. Long lines, long waits, crowed areas, and unfriendly service people tend to be the norm when it comes to holiday traveling. Why not try to have some fun and put a smile on a face or two with the Suitcase Stickers.

You can choose between the “Air Stewardess Hostage,” the “Suitcase Full of Cash,” or the “Suitcase Full of Columbia’s Finest.” These stickers are 26 x 33 cm large and offer you an increased shot at being singled out for an added security search.

Hope you have clean underwear on, because airport body searches are never as much fun as the ones in the movies…especially since your cast will not be comprised of supermodels.

The Suitcase Stickers are available at for $25 each or $55 for all three.

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  1. Until the cops think you’re trying to double-bluff them. hehe

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