Cosmo – Futuristic Watch from Storm

Storm Cosmo Watch

Cosmo is the name of the latest addition to the cool and beautiful line of watches from the popular fashion brand Storm, that are based in London, United Kingdom.

This futuristic special edition watch features a multicolored LED time display with each colour representing an alternative unit of time e.g. blue equals 10 units. The left column represents the hours and months and the right column signifies the minutes and date. This watch is water resistant to 50m and is available in black, white and silver with enamel detailing.

You can get the Storm Cosmo watch for $250 from the official website.

(Via Technabob)

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  1. Cosmo is an interesting model on the LED collection of Storm. A bit too much “crowded” by squares and segments on the strap as well as the case. But surely appealing design!

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