Steampunk iPhone 4S Cases, Shirts and Merchandise

Steampunk iPhone 4S Case

All you Steampunk fans out there seemed to enjoy the Darth Vader Helmet, 3D Steampunk Robot Set, and Steampunk Styled Wall Clock; so we wanted to show you some Steampunk themed items that you can carry with you at all times.

The Steampunk iPhone 4S Cases, Shirts and Merchandise are perfect for just that. Brought to you from the creative minds of people all around the globe, Redbubble has put their images on merchandise making it easy for you to buy an enjoy it. As you can see from the above image by murals2go, this is some pretty advanced stuff that is sure to catch the eye of everyone. Most of the cases are available for Apple iPhone 4 & iPhone 4s with prices ranging in the mid to upper $30s.

Steampunk iPhone Cases

There is more than just Steampunk iPhones cases to look at. Don’t forget to take a look at all the cool t-shirts, stickers like this one by Trystan Mitchell, and posters.

Steampunk Sticker Trystan Mitchell

You can purchase a Steampunk iPhone 4S Case for roughly $35-$40 at RedBubble.

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  1. Just saw you commending my steampunk iphone case, im Birg from Murals2go, wanted to thankyou, and let ppl know that you can vote for my design here:
    its in the challenge to win a wacom inkling:)

  2. UPDATE: I have removed the rather Apple-like metallic plate, as I believe that it may strike too closely an Apple-like apple resemblance and perhaps infringes on copyrighted material of the apple kind.
    feel free to visit my non-apple iPhone4 case design ūüôā

  3. Where can I buy the green one?????

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