It’s hard to completely empty your mind from thoughts about work and whatever else went on in your day. Even taking a soothing bath or nap is starting to prove a bit difficult because there’s always some problem you have to solve or something that you have to take care of. But it’s important to have some “me” time once in a while where you need to just relax and unwind, else you’ll go nuts. Something that can help make the mood a bit more tranquil is the StarBath.

The StarBath is a projector that can project thousands upon thousands of stars and the Milky Way up on your ceiling. Just gaze at the night sky in the comfort of your own bed or while you’re taking a warm bath and just get lost staring off into space. For other options, take a look at the Star Wars Death Star Planetarium or Laser Stars Projector.


Whether you’re lounging in the bath or tucked up in bed, enjoy an amazing view of the night sky with the StarBath. This pint-sized planetarium will project the Milky Way and thousands of stars onto your ceiling.

The waterproof housing will protect it from splashes and showers (although you might want to wipe the lens afterwards) so it’s perfectly at home in your bathroom. However, since it’s battery-powered you can take it anywhere you like. With an adjustable focus it will adapt to any ceiling in your home, so you can take up stargazing in the kitchen, or even play Star Trek in the living room.

The StarBath is available for pre-order from Firebox for £34.99 ($55.)

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