Star Wars Red Leader Patch

Star Wars Red Leader Patch

If you have the Marc Ecko Star Wars X Wing Pilot Jacket, you need to adorn it with this Star Wars Red Leader Patch. You don’t want to look like a plain old ordinary x-wing pilot, do you?

There were numerous commanders of the Red Squadron over the history of Star Wars, with Luke Skywalker himself being Red Leader during the Battle of the Ison Corridor. During the assault on the original Death Star in “A New Hope,” Red Leader Garven Dreis was killed by Darth Vader. Wedge Antilles, Red Leader during the attack on the second Death Star in Return of the Jedi, not only survived the mission, but along with General Lando Calrissian, helped destroy the station by firing on the hypermatter reactor core.

The Red Leader of Red Squadron was Luke’s dear ol buddy Wedge! Later, however, Red Squadron was renamed Rogue Squadron and was comprised of the best pilots the Rebel Alliance had to offer! The prime requirement for joining this illustrious squadron is the ability to bullseye a whomp-rat or have this fantastic 3.75 inch high by 3.5 inches wide Star Wars Red Leader Patch!

Purchase your Star Wars Red Leader X-Wing Patch for $5.99 from Superherostuff.

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