Star Wars Naboo Sea Creatures

Star Wars Naboo Sea Creatures Kit

Remember Sea-Monkeys?  They were fun little shrimp guys, but their time has come and past.  The Star Wars Naboo Sea Creatures will offer your kids all the excitement of the Sea-Monkeys that you remember, but with something they can relate more to; Star Wars Naboo Sea Creatures!  Just let you kids add water and watch them grow to 2 inches long.  The kit includes tank, food, Naboo Habitat and fun learning guide for Star Wars fans ages 8 and up.

Star Wars Naboo Sea Creatures

Star Wars Naboo Sea Creatures Kit

For more than 350 million years, Tripod Lngicaudatus (Naboo Sea Creatures) have existed! Just add water, hatch eggs, watch them grow.
Includes “Naboo Sea Creature” Eggs and Food. Sturdy aquarium tank. Fascinating Naboo aquatic environment. Built-in habitat magnifier port. Fun and informative learning guide.

You can purchase your Star Wars Naboo Sea creatures at from $22.99 and at Barnes & Noble for $39.95.  Here are a few other fun Star Wars toys: Star Wars Trouble Board Game, Star Wars The Force Trainer and Star Wars Operation.

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  2. @khair – See the links to and at the end of the article. 🙂

  3. what type of living things is this?

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