Star Wars Lightsaber USB Lamp

Star Wars Lightsaber USB Lamp

Fans of the Star Wars saga can now light up their workspace using the weapon of a Jedi. The 13 inches tall desktop lamp, designed like a lightsaber, is charged via USB.

This mini Jedi weapon of choice plugs into your USB port and lights up to become possibly the coolest desk lamp since the discovery of electricity. Not only can you get in touch with the force (as long as you’re a Jedi), but once charged, you can remove this wicked wand from its base and have your very own mini-me glowing lightsabre.

Star Wars Lightsaber USB Lamp


  • A desktop USB lamp styled like a lightsabre.
  • When it is plugged-in the lightsabre will charge-up.
  • Press the bronze button on the lightsabre’s hilt to activate the light.
  • The lightsabre can be removed from its USB powered dock and used as a mini Star Wars toy.
  • The light emitted is a subtle one in full daylight but pop it in the dark and it looks totally awesome.
  • Requires a USB port.
  • Suitable for ages 8 years+.
  • Size: 33 x 6cm.

The Star Wars Lightsaber USB Lamp is available from the I Want One Of Those website for £24.99 (about $46 USD).

(Via Coolest Gadgets and Slippery Brick)

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