Star Wars Lightsaber Mini LED Flashlight

Star Wars Lightsaber Mini LED Flashlight

We have previously seen the design of the number one Jedi weapon give inspiration to lightning products like laser pointers and USB lamps. With this new release, Star Wars fans can now also get their hands on a flashlight inspired by Darth Vaders lightsaber.

The keychain flashlight from England’s Wesco Limited, the company behind the Darth Vader Wall Clock with Sound Effects, measures a little over three inches long and includes a bright red LED light.

Star Wars Lightsaber Mini LED Flashlight

The Darth Vader Lightsaber Keychain LED Flashlight is available for $9.99 from the official Star Wars online shop.

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13 Responses to “Star Wars Lightsaber Mini LED Flashlight”

  1. Oh, So cheap? I wonder what type of battery and if it’s replaceable or not.

    But it’s cool stuff. But it seems we can’t change the focus of the flashlight. 🙂

  2. Is it using superflux LEDs as lingthting source ?

  3. I’m afraid I don’t know what it uses, Ken. But the good thing is that the batteries for the “Star Wars Lightsaber Mini LED Flashlight” are included in the price. 🙂

  4. I can’t seem to find the Darth Vader lightsaber keychain LED flashlight. I went to the star wars store you told me to and it said it was not available. Do you know where I can buy some of these? Thanks!!

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