Star Wars Force Glove

The Force Glove

The Force will be with you, always… or at least as long as you wear the Star Wars Force Glove, which teaches as well as entertains.

There are some lessons in school that just don’t hold anyone’s attention for long, and magnetism is one of those things. Positive and negative. Attracts and repels. Opposing polarities. Yawn! Is it time to go yet? Now, however, with a little Star Wars twist, learning about magnetism can be fun… and you have a great excuse to wear this thing 24/7. Honey, I just want to make sure little Timmy understands the lesson. It’s important.

The glove has a spot in the palm where you can place a magnet, and depending on which side of the magnet you choose, you can use the magnetic Force to attract or repel the droid and lightsaber targets. One side of the magnet is embossed with the Imperial crest and the other has the Rebel Alliance logo so you’ll always know which side is which.

Star Wars Force Glove

  • Includes: 1 Force Glove, 1 glove magnet, 1 magnetic base, 2 targets and 1 learning guide
  • Glove has screen-printed design
  • Glove is one-size fits most kids ages 6+

Teach your kids the way of the Jedi (or the Sith. Who am I to judge?) or just have a whole lot of fun acting out your own Force-powered fantasies with the Star Wars Force Glove for $19.95 from Neatoshop and $17.99 at

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