Star Wars Clone Trooper Captain Helmet Replica

Star Wars Clone Trooper Captain Helmet Replica

This clone trooper captain helmet is a 1:1 scale replica created by the relatively new Star Wars prop replica company, eFX. The helmet features a LED reflector at the back and “slight weathering”, just as it appears in Attack of the Clones film from 2002.

Far superior to the battle droid armies of the era, clone troopers formed the backbone of the Republic’s military initiative against the Separatist forces, so much so that the wars they fought in came to be named after them. The Clone Captains were easily distinguishable on the battlefield by their distinctive red helmet and armor deco.

Star Wars Clone Trooper Captain Helmet Replica

Product Specifications:

  • Exclusive red Clone Captain deco with “slight weathering”
  • Worldwide Edition: 400
  • Fiberglass Construction
  • See through visor with mirrored lens
  • Fully Padded interior
  • LED reflector on back of the “Mohawk” that requires two AAA batteries (not included)
  • Numbered Plaque
  • eFX Display Stand
  • Certificate of Authenticity

The Exclusive Attack of the Clones Clone Captain Helmet with Slight Weathering Prop Replica is available from the official Star Wars Shop for $429.99.

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