Star Wars Candy Lightsabers

Star Wars Candy Lightsabers

Now you can get the weapon of a Jedi as fruity flavored candy. Yummy!

The Star Wars Candy Lightsabers ($49.80) from Hasbro are sold in boxes of 12, and the design is based on the authentic weapons for Darth Vader (red) and Anakin Skywalker (blue).

(Via Technabob)

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8 Responses to “Star Wars Candy Lightsabers”

  1. May dental coverage be with you…

  2. All I ever wanted!

  3. Gjorde en film för några dagar sen som blev populär. Endel tyckte den var riktigt rolig, har gjort en till som blev bättre, kommer upp snart.

    Länk till första filmen.

  4. aren’t anakin and darth vader the same person? they use different light sabers?

  5. “Same person” in different stages of life.

  6. How big are those?

  7. The lightsabers are 8.5 inches in length (about 20 cm).

  8. These all cool, but you all should check out the collection of Pez dispensers. There are a ton of different versions and they became an obsession of mine a while back.

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