Star Trek Original Series Gorn Mask

Star Trek Original Series Gorn Mask

Who can forget Captain James T Kirk and all his great battles. He always took down the enemy and got the girl; no matter how illogical the whole thing seemed to Spock. One of my favorite battles was in episode “Arena” when Kirk battles the man like lizard Gorn (check the video out if you need refreshing.) Kirk won that battle, like all the others, but I would like to see a rematch.

Now you and your friends can make that happen. Put on the Star Trek Original Series Gorn Mask and let someone else (preferable less intelligent, remember Kirk out smarted Gorn) suit up with the Original Series Star Trek Shirt and start your backyard battle or just get ready for Halloween.

You can purchase the Star Trek Original Series Gorn Mask at Entertainment Earth for $49.99.

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