Star Trek Light Switch Plate Covers

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Star Trek Light Switch Plate Covers

For those of you who have the Enterprise NX-01 Chandelier hanging from the ceiling, or loves to crack nuts with Spock and Kirk, here are a couple of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” inspired light switch plates that should be right up your alley.

Why, for just a few strips of latinum, you can decorate your own 21st century domicile with lighting and power wall-plates, complete with LCARS interface designs!

Of course, the panels are non-working – probably because our primitive electrical power-systems are incompatible with 24th century technology. Perhaps you need a new phase-inducer, or maybe you can run an EPS purge of the primary relays?

Star Trek Light Switch Plate Covers


  • 3 wall-plates, US sized, replace your existing light-switches, sliders or power-outlet plates – Each Sold Seperately
  • Metal mounting backplate
  • Clear glossly coverplate
  • Installs in seconds – no experience necessary
  • Made by Eugene “Rod” Roddenberry!

The Star Trek TNG Plate Covers are available from the ThinkGeek website for $17.99.

(Via CraziestGadgets and Gizmodo)

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4 Responses to “Star Trek Light Switch Plate Covers”

  1. Lol. How will this work in a room with wallpaper of pink ponies? Did Star Trek decals think of that one?

  2. Hello, my name is Presley with Presley Craft in Rowlett, TX. These wall plates are pretty clever. We offer customized, unique wood and metal plates.

  3. How do I buy these!? I cannot find the buy link!!!

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