Star Trek: Attack Wing Miniature Space Battle Game

Star Trek Attack Wing Miniature Space Battle Game

Want to be a part of an epic space battle, but can’t afford to go to Starfleet Academy? Just get this Star Trek: Attack Wing Miniature Space Battle Game and get into the fight.

This game will let you battle in space with Star Trek ships. You get to customize your crew, weapons, and tech upgrades. That sounds pretty awesome right? It is.

Star Trek Space Battle Game

Star Trek: Attack Wing Miniature Space Battle Game

  • For Ages 14 and up.
  • Use Star Trek HeroClix ships to enter into many space battles.
  • Customize your ships with crew, weapons, and other techie upgrades.
  • Ships are pre-painted.
  • Uses the FlightPath maneuver system (but not compatible with other FlightPath games).
  • For 2 and more players.
  • Average Battle Length: 60 mins.
  • Starter Set Includes: 3 HeroClix miniature ships (USS Enterprise 1701-D, Klingon Vorcha Battlecruiser, and Romulan Bird of Prey), dice, cards, all sorts of other space fighting goodies, and instructions.
  • Ship Dimensions: varies, but approx. 1.5-2.5″ long.

The game is only $39.99 from Pew pew pew!

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