Spy Camera Watch with Wireless LCD Receiver

Spy Camera Watch with Wireless LCD Receiver

This analog watch looks quite normal, but features a small built-in spy camera.

Smart mounting of the camera results in the image being correctly orientated when the watch is upside down, for example when naturally resting your arm on a table. With stylish brushed aluminum and black a face no one will ever suspect they’re being watch by such a well dressed person.

The receiver unit comes with a 2.5 inch LCD and the capability of monitoring 4 wireless cameras at a time, playing music and even MPEG 4 movies if the mood takes you.

The Spy Camera Watch with Wireless LCD Receiver retails for $378.75 (Sample +1) over at the Chinavision website.

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12 Responses to “Spy Camera Watch with Wireless LCD Receiver”

  1. Hello i would like to ask you about a product in your country. it’s a gps watch composed with gps distance of 100km watch with microphone audio .pls if its available in your country don’t hesitate to send me all details about it like price and how could i get it and how long might take to recive it

  2. Hi Sidali,

    We don’t sell or manufacture products at GeekAlerts. For more info about a product, please follow the link provided in the article.

  3. salutes I would want to know the least quantity of purchase it is the border of discount it is the origin of the object

  4. Gargi, please follow the link included in the “Spy Camera Watch with Wireless LCD Receiver” article for purchase info.

  5. I need Watch camera without Lcd in 4 gb. with best spacification pls. write me holl sell price soon.

  6. I ‘m interesing in a kind of spy camera watch

  7. how much is the spy watch

  8. hi dear
    pls send me your invoice and phone nomber,adre
    ss . thanks

  9. I would like to know if the watch actually works as a watch, does it display time? And if I was to give it to my husband for example with out him knowing it was a camera, would he notice?

  10. Fine reading. Thanks, you describe the topic very well

  11. this spy camera or watch spy camera can i record for how many hours?

  12. have any option for the operation of this gadget?

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