Spiked Zombie Heels

Spiked Zombie Heels

These Spiked Zombie Heels might look intimidating at first, but you’d probably agree that they’re a whole lot tamer once you’ve had a look at the Vintage Steampunk Heels with Remote Control LED Lights. These shoes might not have remote-controlled LED lights, but it more than makes up for it with the fierce spikes at the back of each of them.

The heels stand at 4.5 inches tall and feature an awesome zombie design on the peep-toe shoes. The cool thing is that the eyes and the teeth of the zombie glow in the dark. In hindsight, this is probably to let people know where you currently are, so they don’t accidentally bump into you (and get a sharp jab in the ankles by the spikes on your shoes.)

Spiked Zombie Heels

The Spiked Zombie Heels are available from Mr. Robbie Rotten’s shop on Etsy for $200.

Update: As noted in the comments below, these shoes are Moonshine Zombie Stompers available for only $45 from Iron Fist Clothing. You can find them for even less at Amazon.com.) The difference is the shoes on Etsy have spikes added. (You can buy your own spikes, such as these 1-1/4″ Rivetback Spikes (only $6.39 a 10 pack at Amazon.com), to make your own Spiked Zombie Shoes for a lot less money.

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10 Responses to “Spiked Zombie Heels”

  1. Okay, so wait. Those shoes are Iron Fist brand and normally sell for around 50-70 dollars. I own a pair of the flats. So you can add some studs to them and slap them up on Etsy for 200 dollars? That’s disappointing, both that someone would capitalize on a brand’s design to that degree, and that GeekAlerts is promoting that kind of “deal…”

  2. Also, the design isn’t painted. It’s on vinyl. They are unique in the sense that there aren’t many zombie shoe styles out there, but they are definitely mass produced.


  3. how do i getthese shoes?


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