Space Invaders Mini Skateboards

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Space Invaders Mini Skateboards

As you all know by now, the 30th Anniversary of the classic Space Invaders game is in full swing with lots of new products being released, like these fun mini skateboards.

Taito’s going to etch Space Invaders designs onto the bottoms of miniature skateboards that measure 37cm (14.56 inches) in length and offer them as prizes in Japanese amusements centers. The skateboards are functional but they’re about the size of a single skate rather than a board.

The Space Invaders Mini Skateboard are available in black, white or red for $15.90 a pop from the National Console Support, Inc. website.

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6 Responses to “Space Invaders Mini Skateboards”

  1. Cool skateboards. I was a big space invaders junkie when I was younger. I wonder if they will ever do Asteroids. ha ha

  2. cool…can we play it?it’s not like techdeck…

  3. could do a series pac man asteriods ect..

  4. Those are pretty kool decks, Have you seen the ones a company called network cameout with 2-3 years ago. They had a pac man, donkey kong, galaga, and centepede.

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