Space Invaders Earflap Hat

Space Invaders Earflap Hat

No more Space Invaders baby hat jealousy, now you can get an adult size one – as long as you master the art of knitting (or know someone who does):

So I know its a winter hat… I made this a couple of months back and just didnt get round to posting so it’s late but still cool. It’s sized for a mans head, whatever that means. Let me know if you have any issues with the pattern. The charts may not be exactly the same as the hat because I can never resist a couple of alterations as I knit.

Head over to Sci Fi Kal for the Space Invaders Earflap Hat instructions.

Space Invaders Earflap Hat

(Take Back The Knit via Crafty Crafty)

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  1. Haha.. it seems like there is only nerds in this world. 🙂

  2. Yep, welcome to the Brave New World. 🙂

  3. Haha…oh noooo, you’re one of them!!! 😉

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