Sound Asleep Pillow

Sound Asleep Pillow

Do you enjoy falling asleep to the sound of your favorite music?  If so, the Sound Asleep Pillow is perfect for you.  It allows you to enjoy all your personal iPod/MP3 music with the comfort of a soft pillow.  This is perfect when traveling on a long road trip or flight.  Now you don’t have to worry about falling asleep and waking up with wire wrapped around your neck or ear pain from headphones.  This soft pillow comes in memory foam or standard configuration so everyone can enjoy.

sound asleep pillows

Sound Asleep Pillow

  • Speaker built inside the pillow
  • Connects to a music source such as iPods, iPhones, mp3 players, cd players, compatible with most radios
  • Listen to your personal sounds
  • Only you can hear your favorite sounds
  • More comfortable than headphones
  • Removable wire means it’s tidy & safe

Sound Asleep Memory Foam Pillow

  • The memory foam is ergonomically designed for support
  • The foam has small holes which help circulate air and improve the sound quality
  • Molds to the natural body shape
  • Ideal for use in bed or traveling

Enjoy a good night sleep with the Sound Asleep Pillow.  Available at Firebox from £12.59 with free delivery.  Checkout these other cool pillows: Fat Boy Pillow, Sushi Pillow and Ice Cream Sandwich Pillow.

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  1. Cool, but how would people (the ones who sleep lightly) get to sleep. Just proves its not for everyone.

  2. I could definitely use something like this

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