Solid 2x2x2 Speedy IQ Cube

Solid 2x2x2 Speedy IQ Cube

While the UnEven Rectangular 3x3x7 Deconstruction IQ ODD-BRICK is for the skilled puzzle solver, I think the Solid 2x2x2 Speedy IQ Cube is best for those who are still learning how to solve Rubik’s Cubes. And when I say it’s the puzzle for beginners, I really do mean beginners.

The typical Rubik’s Cube is 3×3. Now meet the super simple puzzler that you can probably solve in seconds if you’re a whiz at these types of puzzles. Beginners will enjoy getting the hang of solving Rubik’s Cubes with the Solid 2x2x2 Speedy IQ Cube–which is, as its name implies, just 2×2.

Speedy IQ Cube

Solid 2x2x2 Speedy IQ Cube

  • Solid 2x2x2 Speedy IQ Cube
  • Count and Challenge the Time to Finish it
  • Good for creative thinking & improve both your IQ & EQ
  • Hints: Take a Break & Retry it
  • Functions: decoration, brain training, home and office fun
  • Dimension(approx.): 49 x 49 x 49 mm

The Solid 2x2x2 Speedy IQ Cube is available from Brando for $16.90.

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